wedding and event florist

wedding and event florist

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is something I keep meaning to post but somehow never get the time!  I have a wonderful, eclectic collection of vintage items that I offer as rentals for my events.  This collection is contantly being added to, since I am a bit of an antique and estate sale nut... something I have always loved to do!!

candelabras, white ceramic vintage pitchers and vessels, a wide collection of old rusty stuff too! (many more in the photos below too...)

One of my favorite uses for these is an entrance table, dessert table, or focal area.  Somewhere that your guests will get a chance to look over everything and add some interest, depth, and personality to these otherwise semi bare areas.

A large collection of vintage doilies, so fun to tuck in different areas!  Mirrors, crystal and silver dishes and dessert trays.  Now these are not just for desserts, it is fun to stack favors or candies on these too!  Incorporate your programs into a grouping of items for a vintage feel.

Trunks and suitcases!  So fun to stack any goodies on.  And my never ending collection of clear vintage glass bottles and jars, these are great in little grouping throughout your wedding.  On a bar, in bathrooms, entrance tables, dessert tables, and my favorite--- group 5-10 together in the center of each table, maybe on top of a burlap square, and have small bunches of flowers or a few stems to add height differences and interest to your guest tables.  Doing rectangular banquet tables?? Even better!  a few small grouping of 2-3 down the center of the table works great and wont take up the valuable space.  Put them on a few stacked old books, or slats of old barn panels.  Cost effective and Beautiful!

I've got stacks and stacks of fun colored old books, a constant find during my estate sale shopping trips.  Took me a long time to collect, but so happy I have them!  I like to search for interesting cover art, color schemes, and best of all- love inspired titles.  I know they say not to judge a book by it's cover... but that is exactly what I do!!

My Typewriters, ahhh, sigh,  I love these gems.  Both irriplacable to me.  Great for a guestbook area.  A really fun focal point for display!!!

Got Milk??!!  I have a collection of over 30 milk glass vases.  Fun to line down those long tables and have a few Crespedia (Billy Balls) for a fun bright pop of mustard yellow.  really anything goes for these!

I filled each one of these with one or two flowers, using Crespedia, Gerbera Daisy, and Dusty Miller at my most recent bridal expo, it was a great focal point, got a great response from the brides, and was very cost effective and fits great in this old coke box I have.  It also looked beautiful on my dining room table the week following! :)

So there are a few samples of my rentables.  My collection is always changing and being added to, and these photos are not all-- there is already a whole lot more!  If you have any questions or need some quotes feel free to ask!  I deliver and set-up, and would be happy to help you plan out a fun and interesting, eclectic display for your wedding or party!