wedding and event florist

wedding and event florist

Friday, March 1, 2013

Making up for Lost Time!

So 2012 was a wonderful (and BUSY!) year for me.  I had some amazing clients, got to work with new and amazing vendors and venues, but above all, had a beautiful and amazing little baby boy!!!
Beau Daniel Ralph, born on March 9th, 2012
He is almost 1?!?! what the heck happened to the past year?  Well, I will show you:
Below are a few of my bouquets from the 2012 wedding season.  I had about 1-3 weddings per weekend, and each one was special and unique and I have fond memories from each!

Left: Peony, dahlia, liziahtus roses, viburnum. 
Right: sunfulower, dahlia, lizianthus, calla lily, craspedia

The above are all such fun and textured garden style bouquets.  I like to include fun and unique accents and pops of texture throughout the bouquet or on the stems.  Things like thistle, succulents, burlap, or a personal charm can really make your bouquet one of a kind!

I am a little obsessed with the two I have above, these garden roses are to die for!  And the frangrance as I arrange them.... woooo weeee!

Can't forget about those boys!  Here are a few of my favorite boutonnieres I was lucky enough to create.  I'll let you guess which one was my husbands favorite :)

As the year went along and moved closer to fall, more of these rich fall tones were evident.  I LOVE the combos on both these bouquets!!
The above was my all-time favorite for the 2012 year.  her name is Tamar and she was a wonderful client and let me have fun with her bouquet deisgn.  Tons of texture, unique accents and cool tones really set the mood for her garden setting wedding.  Blue Thistle, Silver Brunia, and Green Dianthus really gave the soft roses and dahlia a contrast of texture.  I could stare at it for days!  We wrapped the stems in a vintage lace dress remnant for the perfect compliment to her outstanding gown!
I want to say a quick thank you to all of my clients that I had this past year.  I really am blessed to have the job that I have and especially that the brides that come to me are open to my design ideas and are so sweet to colaborate with me and work together to make their visions a reality.  I am also so thankful to the awesome vendors I get the pleasure to work with, and each one of you has helped me so much along this journey and as my business grows I learn so much from all of you and hopefully each year I can be of better service than the last.
here's to a wonderful 2013 season as well, lets hope it is better than ever!