wedding and event florist

wedding and event florist

Friday, December 30, 2011

Mike and Jen Newsome

What a beautiful Lady!! Jen is the sweetest and funnest bride, friend, and now.... mommy!  Photos compliments of Cameron Ingalls, Their wedding was a couple years ago, packed with fun and family and friends.  I LOVED the peonies I selected for her, Jen was very simple in her requests and gave me lots of room to play, so I had a great time selecting flowers that fit her color scheme and vibe of wedding.  Jennifer and Mike just had their first little baby boy, Alex, only a few weeks ago, and I know they are going to be loving and devoted parents.  Alex is a lucky little boy!

Venue: Holland Ranch, SLO
Photographer:  Cameron Ingalls

Great job everyone!  Loved working and attending this event. :)

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