wedding and event florist

wedding and event florist

Monday, October 3, 2016

a little taste from the current wedding season. :)

Once again, I am the worst blogger ever!!! I like to let my friends, family, and clients know that I would much rather be answering emails and designing in the studio than posting pics, so pardon the month longs gaps between posts!

Usually I get to this at the end of the year, but gosh darn it we have just had too many pretty things happening and I needed to share them!!

the above photos are by Kelsea Holder, what a wonderful photographer! And at one of my favorite venues: Heritage House in Arroyo Grande.

Below might just be the most adorable and lovely couple I have ever worked with!!!!! SO happy for these two!

The above are from Asia Croson  so talented!

Below a few photos from some very fun photo shoots!

the above photos by Kristen Villars

below is a wonderful wedding at Dana Powers House and Barn

the above photos from one of my faves, Mirelle Carmichael at the Dana Powers Barn.

I am still receiving some gorgeous images from my amazing clients and hope to post more soon! Until then, lots of love!

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